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Diabetes? Get Your Work Place Walking!

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Diabetes can affect all of you, your families, and your friends. It does affect millions of people around the world.

Those in the developing countries have the biggest problem. Lack of awareness, training and resources lead to death, disability and suffering.

You can do something about this:

  1. Find out about diabetes and how to minimise the risk.
  2. Take part in the GDW 2007 and raise awareness around the world.

Here are some ideas for walks but we would love to hear about yours.

  • Walk the talk: Why not hold a meeting on the move? Walk around the office, up the street or in the park.
  • Lunchtime stroll: Go it alone; together with some friends or even with the whole office. Fresh air is good for you even if it is raining!
  • Window shopping: If you think walking is boring, why not walk around your favourite shops….remember to keep moving though!
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle within your office or a local school – perhaps some new sports equipment?

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